Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Davey's Journey continues

Today is Davey's tenth birthday.  Wow, in many ways it seems it was just yesterday that we went to get him in California.  Yet at the same time, it seems he has been home with us always.  In these last few years, I have seen God work miracle after miracle in this happy little guys life.  He brings so much joy to our family I wonder what it would have been like if I had let my fears win, and never obeyed God in pursuit of this son. 
Daily, Davey says the funniest things, and doesn't even know it, but when we all laugh he laughs with us.  When we pray, he prays, when we play, he plays, when we do school, he does school (or at least he pretends to do school), when we sing, he sings, when we exercise, he exercises, and of course, when we eat, he eats. 
He bounces everywhere he goes, and always is happy to be of help.  Of course, he is a kid, and sometimes says, "No."  If he is with someone he can trick to let him get away with something, he will.  But, mostly he is just a happy, happy guy.
Currently, he takes no medication of any kind.  He is very healthy and strong.  He runs, jumps, and is even trying to learn to ride a bike.  He doesn't have to wear a safety helmet 24/7 anymore, which makes him very happy. 
A glimpse into his mind for you all.  Saturday, Jeremy and I took Davey out to lunch.  Jokingly, Jeremy asked Davey, "Now that you are going to be ten what are your plans?'  Davey goes on to tell us that now that he is ten, he is moving into his own place, and taking Josh(7) and Zach(5) so he won't be scared.  He is going to get a job washing tables, taking out the trash, and picking up the floors.  He is completely serious.  A little bit later, someone asks him, how old he is going to be on his birthday?  He says without hesitation, "three."  This is my funny little guy.  Forever three, but so happy and such a blessing to me. 

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